Greek Pasta Salad

Greek Pasta Salad with Broiled Mini Eggplants

I don't eat pasta salad very often, but sometimes I crave that light and bright easy to eat lunch that is packed full of flavor. I love the combinations of ingredients that a basic pasta salad can bring, and this greek pasta salad is packed to the gills with fun flavors.

This is a great lunch to bring to work, add the eggplant after a little warming in a toaster oven and if it needs a little brightening after a few days of leftovers add a squeeze of lemon and you will have a delicious lunch. The beans keep me full, the pasta keeps my craving for carbs satisfied and the easiness to eat can be had outside on a park bench or at my desk. This basically sums of a great lunch, flavor, ease and fun.

A few ingredients in this one that I just absolutely adore. Numbero uno is mini eggplant. These lovely ladies are from my mothers garden. If you are buying them at the store, look for skinny small eggplants that are the same size so you can broil them easily and evenly. If not, sliced eggplant will work just as well. 

Pepadews are another ingredient that really shine in this. The pickled peppers originally from South Africa are seriously my favorite item in the antipasto section of whole foods, or currently are my obsession. A bite before dinner, topped on a falafel, they mix well with most Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines nicely. 

The last special ingredient here is the olive taupenaude. If you don't want to buy or make a whole batch, get some kalamata olives from the antipasto section and chop until a paste, you will probably need about 6-10 olives.

Greek Pasta Salad with Broiled Mini Eggplants
Greek Pasta Salad with Broiled Mini Eggplants