Raspberry Beer Shandy

Beer shandy's shouldn't come in a bottle or can. They are too easy to create on your own, and much much better. Beer cocktails are showing up more and more places in the US, something seen mostly in the UK before. Snakebites, and other "girlie" versions beer cocktails create a refreshing drink that adds layers of flavor.

This one here uses a simple ale, I used Peak Organic Summer Ale, for the brightness and relatively hoppy flavor for a refreshing summer beer. I like that it still shines through without being overwhelming. You can use any beer, but remember with quality comes flavor. If you want it to taste good, use a good quality beer. 

The liqueur added in this shandy is almost NOT a liqueur in that it is not very sweet. Another AITA concoction, Rhubarb is a lovely blend of Rhubarb, Beet, Cardamom and other spices, that come together to create this lovely spicy and yet earthy blend of flavors. I highly suggest you pick it up if you see it at your local liquor store, or any of their four varieties Snap, Root, Rhubarb or Sage. You can find the Snappy Pear Cider Cocktail HERE featuring SNAP.

Making Fresh Raspberry Juice for Raspberry Shandies

Also things to note, I love the Belvoir offerings of sparkling lemonade, for the addition of elderflower. If you don't have the option to use Belvoir (some WFs do carry it), but still want the elderflower in there, add a teaspoon or two of elderflower syrup the alcoholic kind (St. Germain) or non, whatever you have around.

If you have never made raspberry juice before, you are going to ask yourself WHY you haven't previously once you taste a cocktail with fresh juice. Keep the extra to make a reduction for your morning yogurt (had it this morning and it was amazing) or add some sparkling soda water for a low calorie fruit drink for a hot day. The extra you make won't last long, you will find a reason to use it.

Raspberry Sparkling Lemonade Shandy Cocktail with Rhubarb by AITA and Belvoir Elderflower Sparkling Lemonade


makes two cocktails


  • 1 bottle of beer
  • 1/2 cup sparkling lemonade 
  • 2 oz Rhubarb by AITA
  • 1/2 pint of raspberries (makes extra) 


The first thing is to make your raspberry juice. If you want to only make enough juice for two shandy cocktails, just use 1/3 of the 1/2 pint package of raspberries. I like to use it on other things, so I make more. 

Place a metal strainer over a bowl and use a spatula to smash the raspberries and let the juice run through until there is not more juice running when you squeeze the pulp. 

Fill your glass with beer, or use 1-2 large ice cubes. Pour your beer in your glasses, half in each glass, and then top off with 1/4 cup of sparkling lemonade each. Sparkling is better here unless you want to reduce the carbonation. I like to keep it fizzy. 

Add 1oz of Rhubarb to each glass, and then top with raspberry juice. Give it a little stir, and serve with lemon wedge. Enjoy!