Spicy Herb Lemon Lime Drop

Summerfied Delight | Spicy Lemon Lime Herb Drop

Usually Mondays recipes have easy simple lunch dinner recipes that are light and satisfying, but because of last week's bout of the flu, the schedule is a bit off. I wanted to get this beautiful and bright cocktail to you this week. There are actually going to be two spicy cocktails, one for a vodka drinker and one for a tequila lover. 

This was one of those creative offshoots that you don't realize is happening until it's over. I bought the lovely basil vodka for the strawberry basil sangria a while back, and am loving finding ways to use it. Now, hear me out. I am not usually the type of person that reaches for the vodka for ... any reason, it's fine, and is great to add to many a nice mixed drink, but the basil vodka from square one organics is different.

This is the perfect cocktail that uses fresh ingredients, and adds a bit of kick to your step in more than one way. I am definitely making this for summer bbqs on hot nights.

Spicy Garden Herb Lemon-Lime Drop


makes two drinks


  • 4 oz basil vodka
  • slice or two of jalapeño
  • small bunch of cilantro
  • 3-4 mint leaves torn
  • 1 oz simple sugar
  • 4 oz lemon juice
  • 2 oz lime juice




Start using a shaker and add herbs, jalapeño and simple sugar. Give it a little muddle. Add the ice and the rest of the ingredients. Shake and pour into cold coupe or martini glass. Serve right away. 

Garnish with lemon, and jalapeño slice if you want to denote that it is spicy. As always, add more sugar if you like a sweeter drink. I prefer this one pretty savory, not too sweet.