The Revolution of Giant Ice Cubes

Giant Ice Cubes.

I am sure you think I am crazy for devoting a post to a plastic-ware you can get at your local supermarket, home goods, target etc. Hey, I might be crazy, but these are the kind of things that make tasty cocktails or mocktails just a tad bit better.

"Regular" Ice cubes are actually pretty small. The more surface area (smaller pieces = smaller surface area) means the ice will melt faster. For those who are cocktail savvy, you probably not only own one of these giant square ice cube makers, but a spherical one. Who has the time to make spherical ice cubes? Just keep one of these in the freezer and refill when you take one out. Add lemons, limes, a little leftover watermelon or raspberry juice? Add your favorite herbs for a little spa water? The world is ALMOST limitless.