Workin' Lunch: Patterned Bowls


Bowls. Literally half of a good lunch experience is making it on a real dish. This for me, usually means a bowl. I prefer a big wide-rimmed bowl that I can put soup, salad, leftovers, pasta .... just about anything in. The ability to scoop, toss and gather food on the edges. 

I saw many similar bowls in stores, but I actually found these at TJ MAXX yes, since ours is not connected to the Home Goods, they have their own little home section in the back, where the GOLD is found. Hence these bowls. 

The bowls I got, I cannot for the life of me find online. The black and grey ones are Roscher, and the Blue one is a Tokyo Design Studio Bowl. I will continue to look for Tokyo Design Studio bowls because they seriously have the most amazing collection of beautiful japanese rice bowls. 

The below bowls are some of the options available right now on the internet. I suggest the West Elm Bowl (top center) for similar size, but the other ones are fun too! Click on the images to find them in store.